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Sarah Atherton - Welsh Conservative Party candidate for Wrexham

Welcome to the profile page for Sarah Atherton, who is standing for Welsh Conservative Party in Wrexham for the General Election on December 12th.

As we have with all candidates, we have invited Sarah Atherton to send statements for inclusion on this page, links to their social media, as well as asking if they will take part in our one on one video Q&A's along with attending our Wrexham debate.

Q&A Video

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Having voted to leave the EU in 2016, I am disappointed that after 3 years we are still talking about Brexit. Wrexham’s voice deserves to be heard; if elected my priority would be to end the confusion and uncertainty and to finally deliver Brexit, so that we can shift our focus onto everyday issues.

Having worked in the public sector for 27 years, as both a nurse and social worker, I am committed to public service. I am not a career politician, I entered politics to help my community. If elected I pledge to be a strong voice for Wrexham, to stand up for our area and to represent our community.

My plan for Wrexham will continue on the work I have carried out with local action groups, protecting our green spaces. We need to ensure houses built in our area are of the right number, in the right place, and that our infrastructure can cope with the increased demand. Brownfield sites must be the priority over our green spaces. Our children deserve to be able to get onto the property ladder, but to enjoy our green spaces today.

Having been out on the doorstep speaking to residents, it is clear that something must be done about our town centre. Too many people have reported on the heavy-handed parking enforcement, that’s why I have been campaigning to introduce ‘Free after 3’ on a permanent basis, to bring more people and businesses into our town centre. I have listened to the concerns of large companies and small business owners and if elected I would make it my priority to give them the support they need and to ensure Wrexham benefits from the North Wales Growth Deal.

I will tackle anti-social behaviour in our town by backing the investment in our police, and supporting tougher sentences to deter criminals. If given the opportunity to address these concerns, I could make Wrexham a much more desirable place to work and visit.

As a former nurse I care deeply for our NHS, if elected I would use my expertise and position to hold the Welsh Labour Government to account, ensuring that the additional £1.2 billion from Boris Johnson’s government to the Welsh NHS is spent wisely.

With your support on 12th December, I will bring a new, fresh and dynamic approach to representing you in Westminster.

Funding Statement

We asked the question 'As of 6pm 14th November, where has the top three sources of funding for your campaign come from, and are there any funding sources you feel would be relevant to voters to know about?'. We will re-ask this question later in the campaign. The candidate response is below:

From 14th November all the funding for the campaign has come from the Wrexham Conservative Association.

Advertising / Canvassing Statement

We asked the question 'Are you aware of all advertising or canvassing done in your name in connection to this election, and are you fully confident in its accuracy and transparency? Plus any relevant information ' . The candidate response is below:

The Conservative Party, my Agent and Campaign Co-ordinator organise the advertising and canvassing done in my name during this election. I have confidence it is accurate.

Socials / Website

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Wrexham Debate Video


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