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Christopher Allen - Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales candidate for Clwyd South

Welcome to the profile page for Christopher Allen, who is standing for Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales in Clwyd South for the General Election on December 12th.

As we have with all candidates, we have invited Christopher Allen to send statements for inclusion on this page, links to their social media, as well as asking if they will take part in our one on one video Q&A's along with attending our Clwyd South debate.

Q&A Video

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I’m 52 years old and live in Trefor, Llangollen. I was born in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. I have lived in Clwyd South for twenty years. I currently work as a production engineer in Llangollen. My wife is a teacher in Llangollen. We have two children. I have a degree in Business and Technology from Coventry University and am a qualified Business Advisor. I have previously worked for Wrexham County Borough Council’s Economic Development Department as a Business Counsellor and have run my own business.

After becoming increasingly frustrated with politics at UK level and the inability of the system to adequately represent Wales, I joined Plaid Cymru in 2015. I stood for election in 2017 because I was fed up with all the confusion and uncertainty that was being caused by ‘experienced’ politicians; playing games, fighting amongst themselves with little regard for the electorate they were supposed to represent. Since then the situation has deteriorated further. My experience means that I can talk with all sorts of people, irrespective of their background.

In a constituency as diverse as Clwyd South there are very specific issues of heritage; in the west, people associate themselves very firmly with the Welsh language and culture. In the east, there is a definite English attitude and tradition. Across what was the industrial heart of the constituency, it is a mixture of both. My challenge is to represent everyone here, and not prioritise one community over another.

I’m standing again because I want to stand up for everyone and make Clwyd South, and wider Wales, healthier and happier for all our citizens. That can only happen if I am elected as part of a block of Plaid Cymru MPs, working together to get the absolute best deal for Wales.

Funding Statement

We asked the question 'As of 6pm 14th November, where has the top three sources of funding for your campaign come from, and are there any funding sources you feel would be relevant to voters to know about?'. We will re-ask this question later in the campaign. The candidate response is below:

All of our funding has been raised in the constituency by members through their subscriptions and local fundraising activities, such as social nights, community breakfasts and car boot sales. This means we have a small rolling fund that is used for campaigning.

Advertising / Canvassing Statement

We asked the question 'Are you aware of all advertising or canvassing done in your name in connection to this election, and are you fully confident in its accuracy and transparency? Plus any relevant information ' . The candidate response is below:

I am totally aware of all canvassing, as we have a group of local volunteers who are co-ordinated by myself directly. As for advertising, I am responsible for all printed media to be distributed by by either Royal Mail or member volunteers. Any other physical copy will be designed and approved by me also. Social media ads will be used where appropriate and I have a co-ordinator with whom I liaise very closely.

Socials / Website

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Clwyd South Debate Video


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