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Calum Davies - Welsh Liberal Democrats candidate for Clwyd South

Welcome to the profile page for Calum Davies, who is standing for Welsh Liberal Democrats in Clwyd South for the General Election on December 12th.

As we have with all candidates, we have invited Calum Davies to send statements for inclusion on this page, links to their social media, as well as asking if they will take part in our one on one video Q&A's along with attending our Clwyd South debate.

Q&A Video

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My name is Calum Dafydd Davies and I am standing for the Welsh Liberal Democrats in Clwyd South. I am 25 years old and come from Bethesda, a Welsh-speaking village in Gwynedd. I was educated in local state schools and then studied in Coleg Menai in Bangor. Since leaving college I have worked in customer-facing roles in retail. I understand the strain that many people are under just holding down a job, dealing with the shadow of redundancy and coping with shifts at antisocial hours.

I am standing in this election because I want Brexit stopped. I fear that Brexit will badly damage the UK financially, politically and socially. It will make it enormously difficult for us to tackle the problems we face in our society; things that matter, like the environment and crime. Businesses are already leaving our shores. The bonds that hold the countries of the UK together are disintegrating. People are falling out with their friends, neighbours and families.

Whatever you have been told, we are facing years more of this disruption to our lives unless we stop Brexit.

As an MP I will work hard to create a society where people can fulfil their potential, free from fear of crime. A society free from ill-health worsened by air pollution and let down by a health service stretched beyond capacity. I believe that my Party, the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has the right policies to meet the needs of our time.

Funding Statement

We asked the question 'As of 6pm 14th November, where has the top three sources of funding for your campaign come from, and are there any funding sources you feel would be relevant to voters to know about?'. We will re-ask this question later in the campaign. The candidate response is below:

Most of our funds come from our local members. Our members donate money and we hold many small, local fundraisers - often in the context of social events. Unlike other parties we do not rely on big business or trade unions.

Advertising / Canvassing Statement

We asked the question 'Are you aware of all advertising or canvassing done in your name in connection to this election, and are you fully confident in its accuracy and transparency? Plus any relevant information ' . The candidate response is below:

My agent and I check online material before it is posted. My aim is to show that I am born and bred Welsh and Welsh-speaking. I hold down a normal job and I am an approachable bloke who simply wishes to help people.

Socials / Website

Candidate Facebook page: click here

Clwyd South Debate Video


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