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My name is John Lee Jenkins. I am pleased to be given the opportunity to be your Conservative candidate for the Valley. My family and I have been a resident of the the Valley all my life. I am well traversed of our area ever since my teens when I used to cycle everywhere, I know how beautiful the area is. So it concerns me that since 1997 to the present, the Valley now has parts that are now impossible in a normal car and the area is becoming a playground for 4x4's and off road moterbikes. I have seen how people from Castle Mill/Selattyn borders to Llanarmon DC views differ through each village on what is important. If I am selected as your councillor I'll put all views of the Valley as a whole across, strive to give everyone an equal opportunity and be a voice in Wrexham council that will put us first, as I feel we have been neglected by Wrexham for far to long. From me there will be no favouritism for family members and friend as we are all in the same boat and as you will see equality is very important to my stance here.
One of my main points that I am passionate about, and with talking to may of the Valley residence, they are too, is road maintenance especially ones that have fallen into disrepair on the councils adopted list. In my opinion it is these ruined roads which encourage the off roaders and with the aim of fixing them we will deter them because it is simply not "fun" anymore. Also the poor maintenance brings up a lot of concerns about how people who are in need are going to get help whether that's from carers to the emergency services when our roads will not accommodate these things. Whether or not I am elected please know that I will still push your concerns that have been raised to be resolved. Its not about me being your councillor its about all of us as one.

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