Statement of Merril Wolfson

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My name is Merril Wolfson and I am standing on May 4th for election as the next councillor of Offa Ward.

I attended the Wrexham Convent on Gerald Street before it closed in the 1970's and then went on to Oswestry School in Shropshire.
After working and living for thirteen years in America I returned to live in Wrexham in 2006 where I raised my two daughters.

I work part time as a company director and business owner in a construction/manufacturing company while also continuing with my education by studying as a mature student at Glyndwr University studying for a BA in History.

I am a divorced mother of two beautiful daughters and grandmother.

Having spent the last 30 years working and the last fifteen years in business, I would say I could bring an experinced as well as a practical approach to the job of being a councillor to my ward.

The reason I am standing for the election of councillor is because I would like to be in a position where I could offer my professional knowhow in helping Wrexham develop and reach its potential.

As a resident of Wrexham, I am aware of some of the towns issues. I have worked and brought up my two daughters over the last fourteen years, so I absolutely know the personal commitment it takes to raise a family and to hold down a job in today's world.

I have not stood for any political position before and I would class my political leanings as a more Liberal Welsh Conservative.

I wish to thank Wrexham in allowing me to stand in this election and if I am succesful at being your elected councillor I would be willing to work hard in making sure your voices are heard as well as doing my best for the town.

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