Statement of Andrew Steven Humphreys

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I am local and have a supporting partner Beverly and a son Joe as well as two older step children Lucy and Tom and I am the son in law of Ken and Val Evans of Brynteg so believe in family values.
As well as working for a local coach company, being one of two Community Councillors for Bryn Cefn (other ones a lady independent), I am proud to be the Club secretary of Brymbo Lodge Youth Football Club where people have and still do put there trust in me, as I am responsible for looking after over 120 children and over 15 volunteers. Because the clubs based in Brynteg I am always out and about so I do get to meet a lot of local people who come to me with any issues or any views and I give advice or put them in touch with people who can help and they know I am always contactable.

My Leanings are that I strongly DO NOT believe in Political Parties as they have there own manifesto for there candidates, to follow and not to represent local people and only turn up when there is elections some who I am up against are not even involved with the Community Council and if they don't get elected you don't hear from them again.
I do follow regularly whats going on both local and nationally so can keep up to date, and make my own decisions based on what the local people actually want.

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