Where has Wrexham.com gone?

As you read this the Daily Post is on strike, we invite you to read on...

Right now around 25 people up the road in Llandudno Junction and Chester who write, put together and run The Daily Post newspaper and website are on a two hour strike. This is the first time they have taken such extreme action and it will not have been a decision taken lightly.

Trinity Mirror appear to be systematically culling staff, asking those left to do more to cover resulting large gaps, and seem to favour frivolous content over perhaps more useful stuff in their move to digital.

We hope that those who hold the purse strings of local and regional media and those plotting the future strategy do not ignore there is always a thirst for news, and just because a council report gets under 1000 page views it does not mean it is unimportant.

Trinity Mirror has made literally millions of pounds over the years from the locality during the good times, lets have some payback and stick with it. Shareholders, off shore investment vehicles and multi million pound staff management staff need paying, but when a tiny two person startup can have better gear at the coal face than a half billion quid turnover company there is something fundamentally wrong with how things are managed, let alone what is demanded from those resources.

We could write thousands of words on the topic, but our overall fear is if the Trinity Mirror path is followed it will result in The Daily Post being merged with Wales Online and run from Liverpool and Cardiff.

That, to us, is not good news for Wrexham, North East Wales or Wales.

We are unsure how the output of the Post will be affected or if it will be subbed in from elsewhere, but we have turned off Wrexham.com in support of those at the Daily Post.

A recent Daily Post


The full fat Wrexham.com will be back later on today.

Apologies for any inconvenience but we hope you understand why.

Rob & Darryl, Wrexham.com