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Wrexham and Clwyd South saw decades as a Labour stronghold lost overnight night, with voters electing their first Conservative MPs.

During the early hours of Friday 13th it was confirmed that Wrexham had elected Sarah Atherton and Clwyd South Simon Baynes as its their first Conservative Member of Parliament.

Wrexham has been a safe seat for Labour for decades. However with a 59% vote to leave the EU in 2016 and the narrowing of the vote share between the Labour and Conservative party in the past two elections, Wrexham last night started a new chapter in its political history.

It is also the first female MP that Wrexham has ever elected. Three of the six candidates for Wrexham were female - the most that has ever been on the ballot paper locally.

Turnout was down on the previous election with a turnout of 67.5%, a drop on the 70% back in 2017.

Speaking at the podium after being announced as Wrexham’s MP, Sarah Atherton said she was “honoured to be elected as Conservative Member of Parliament for Wrexham.

“I would like to thank the voters of Wrexham who have returned the first Conservative MP for Wrexham. They have returned the first female MP for Wrexham.

“However you have voted, I will represent you.

“Let’s get Brexit done and unleash Wrexham’s potential.”

Shortly after 2am it was confirmed that Clwyd South had also returned a Conservative MP.

In a constituency that Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself failed to win back in the ‘90s, Simon Baynes was also made history by becoming the first Conservative MP for Clwyd South.

He said he will “do his very best to represent everyone in the constituency regardless of their political affiliation”.

Susan Elan Jones, who had been the Labour MP there for nine years said it has been “wonderful” to represent the constituency and said that her party needed to reevaluate its message.

Turnout: 67.5%

There are 6 candidates in the Wrexham election.
  • Sarah Atherton
  • Ian Berkeley-Hurst
  • Carrie Harper
  • Duncan Rees
  • Tim Sly
  • Mary Wimbury

Turnout: 57%

There are 5 candidates in the Clwyd South election.
  • Jamie Adams
  • Christopher Allen
  • Simon Baynes
  • Calum Davies
  • Susan Elan Jones

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