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Let Public Pay Council Tax At Post Office Says MP

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Sep 25th, 2011.

Wrexham MP Ian Lucas has urged Wrexham Council to allow people to pay their council tax at the Post Office.

He spoke out after Minister Ed Davey attacked two high street banks at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Birmingham for not allowing customers to use Post Offices.

Mr Davey also said that he wanted Post Offices to become “front offices” for government and places where people could pay for council tax and parking permits.

Mr Lucas said: “I agree with Ed Davey that people should be able to pay their council tax at Post Offices.

“Indeed, I have been pressing Wrexham Council for several years to let people pay their council tax at Post Offices.

Mr Lucas put the idea to the council at a meeting in 2008, however he said that the then council leader would not allow the proposals to go ahead.

“The council did not allow council tax payments then, and has not allowed them since,” he said.

“Unfortunately, since the Liberal Democrats joined with the Conservatives in Westminster, central government business has been taken away from Post Offices. To keep them viable, Post Offices need business more than ever.”

He added: “Allowing council tax payments would be one way for Wrexham councillors to do something concrete to help the Post Office. I hope they will listen to their party, even when they have not previously listened to me.”

Do you think that allowing people to pay their council tax at the local Post Office would give it a boost? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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