Questions to Ask When Booking a Conference Venue

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Nov 14th, 2010.

There are some key questions that should always be asked when looking to book a conference venue. Many conference venues are similar and therefore finding a point of differentiation can be quite difficult. When booking a conference the person responsible for placing it will usually communicate with the person responsible for events at a venue. Conferences venues differ greatly on the levels of service that they provide and also the different conference facilities that are located with a venue.

One of the key questions that should always be asked when looking to book a conference venue should be about how many people a venue is capable of holding. Quite often if a venue is not capable of holding the number of people that are attending a conference, it will be ruled out. Once it has been established whether a venue is big enough, it is always worth asking what kind of facilities are offered within a venue. Some conference venues are located within hotels and therefore there are a great range of facilities on offer. At conference venues that are not located within hotels the facilities are sometimes lacking. Some venues have been created for the sole purpose or providing conference facilities. Quite a lot of people that book a conference venue will usually also book their catering at the same time. It is always worthwile questioning whether a conference facility can provide catering.

Some venues will not allow external catering to be brought in and therefore it is worth checking whether this is permitted. Along with the catering options that are offered by a venue, it is also worth asking the extent of the tea and coffee offerings that the venue will provide. If a venue does offer catering it is always worth asking what they offer and whether it is suitable for people with dietary requirements. Questions should always be asked around the cost of booking a conference venue and also whether it is available on the dates required. Some conference centres will provide a fixed cost for the hiring of a venue and this will often be discounted if the venue is booked over several days. If a venue is not available on the required dates it may be possible to secure an alternative within the same building. It is important to establish whether the conference venue is used to hosting the type of conference that could be booked there.

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